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[Thailand] PLAYS male adult purchasing health products grew strong by hard effort Delay

[Thailand] PLAYS male adult purchasing health products grew strong by hard effort Delay

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The so-called Kaoshanchishan by water draft. Treasurer in Thailand for many years, thousands and thousands of popular merchandise, but after a good time to practice hammer Thai products, is the treasurer would recommend and operations.

There are two shipping goods store, a centralized reservation is sent to China, and then points to send, that you photographed postage postage goods.

If you wish to mail from Bangkok, general 1KG mailing costs for RMB100 million, two boxes from the Post (4 boxes free international EMS postage 1200 yuan), buy postage required consultation with the treasurer

Domestic stock 4 boxes



 2014 endorsement of Thailand Thailand's famous host Super hot male health products ------- PLAYS

Pure herbal tonic recipe green effect guarantee safe and secure
Let you hard, longer, faster recovery

Heart disease, diabetes can be assured safe to take

100% natural Thai drug product no artificial ingredients

Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration

And has been taken to Australia, Thailand, prescription drugs without license

Bangkok, 86% of male sexual partners per year over five, known as Asia's first-all

Playboy's secret weapon Thailand Thai man hard and rough tool

[Specification] 2g / tablets * 4
Dosage 30-50 minutes a room in advance. (Empty stomach)
The main components of Cordyceps sinensis, ginseng, Thailand, Pueraria, velvet, Optimus Primal Yibian other natural extracts

Enhance Manner, the magic pill fatigue. Thai medicine unique risk-free recipes, through the expansion of penile arteries, increased arterial congestion, decreased arterial reflux so fast erection penis congestion, at their best, but also stimulate the parasympathetic, increased tension, so that the penis to achieve the stimulant, prolonged erection time, so that men are more confident, fully meet the needs of the sexes.

Long-term use of this product, but also to achieve the effect of the physical length of the extension

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