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[Thailand] purchase crocodile scales capsule back fire prevention of hepatic cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma immunity promotion
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[Thailand] purchase crocodile blood capsule chemotherapy recovery anti-aging sub-health
Practical session course to Thailand Thai Thai tourism spoken dialogue teaching video tutorial
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[Thailand] purchase crocodile scales capsule back fire prevention of hepatic cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma immunity promotion
  • [Thailand] purchase crocodile scales capsule back fire prevention of hepatic cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma immunity promotion
  • [Thailand] purchase crocodile scales capsule back fire prevention of hepatic cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma immunity promotion
  • [Thailand] purchase crocodile scales capsule back fire prevention of hepatic cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma immunity promotion

[Thailand] purchase crocodile scales capsule back fire prevention of hepatic cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma immunity promotion

Price:   $380.00


The alligator scales capsule

[effect] with Supplementing Qi and activating blood circulation, relieving the depressed liver, regulating spleen and stomach, Xiaozheng of product efficacy. On chronic liver disease, improve the clinical symptoms, recovery of liver function, liver and spleen enlargement of the get back fire, softening, can prevent liver cancer.

[method] taking two times a day, 2 capsules each time, sooner or later, taking half an hour after a meal.

[Specification] 0.31g * 100 / bottle

[treatment] cure 4 bottles for a course of treatment, care 1 bottles can also be

The crocodile CROCODILE from two hundred and fifty million years ago, ancient creatures

A, a crocodile

 (1) the living fossil of animal "" 

Many of the reptiles remaining on earth, crocodile very attract sb.'s attention. Crocodiles and dinosaurs were grown in the Triassic period of the Mesozoic reptiles. Dinosaur long dead, fossilized crocodile, and lack of miraculously survived. It should be said, it is one of the survivors of the ancient reptiles. 

The crocodile is the earth is one of the few Archaea species, genus of amphibian crawling poikilotherm, one of its main characteristics is the life in the body, metabolism is very slow. Crocodiles from distant time up to now, its appearance and habits of life and not much change. Crocodile forefoot five finger, after the claw is the four toe, explains its evolution is slow. The scientists also found that, generally oviparous animal incubation without umbilical cord, and the crocodile hatching of umbilical cord. All of these prove, Croc has many super code of life for humans to explore and decryption. 

(2) the peculiar physiological structure 

The reason why the crocodile survived two hundred and fifty million years until now, because it is by far the most adaptable to the environment of the animal. Its adaptability to the environment features are peculiar in its physiological structure: 

1, the head of evolutionary refinement, in hunting can ensure eye ear nose out of the water, the great keep concealment; 

2, have be hardly worthy of belief in the reptile animal in developed heart, for the four atria, normal reptiles have three chambers, close to the level of mammals; 

3, the heart can be hunting will transport most of the oxygen rich blood to the head and tail, greatly enhance the explosive force; 

4, the crocodile IQ greatly beyond our imagination; 

5, the liver can be in the abdominal cavity before and after moving to regulate the body's center of gravity. 

(3) the mysterious life password 

The crocodile is a lung breathing animals, it's underwater breath holding ability than whales, dolphins, seals and other marine mammals is brillant, can in the water suspended breath for more than 2 hours. Scientists have found that there is a kind of optimization of nucleic acid in crocodile body (part of DNA and RNA), this kind of material can make the nucleic acid is full of vitality, enhance the anti - disease resistant ability, also activate the catalase and SOD, effectively remove waste free radicals in the body, thus delaying the decline of life. 

Crocodile body has special blood protein chains of amino acids, amino acid the globular structure makes the crocodile blood hemoglobin oxygen content than other animals more than 100 times. Oxygen oxygen storage capacity so the body not only has strong vitality, but also has the characteristics of life longevity. Common wild crocodile average life span of up to 150 years old, more than ever to the longevity of the turtles and sharks, is currently one of the most long-lived species of reptiles. 

(4) the nutritional and medicinal value 

Two, the world medical research 

(1) the crocodile blood and cancer 

Keywords: Super peptide (S.P) 

The British Cambridge Life Science Research Center scientists Mr. kiyoshiNagai found more than crocodile hemoglobin oxygen carrying more than other animals several times in the crocodile in the blood. This special hemoglobin and human hemoglobin synthesis after entering the human body can improve the body's blood oxygen carrying capacity will be enough oxygen to all parts of the brain and the body, enhance the humoral and cell viability and the ability of anti mutation. 

G.E professor Palade and Fei Lang Si. Curley Professor conducts the thorough research to the crocodile blood, then they found a super peptides containing in crocodile in the blood (S.P). This super peptides can not only identify the body of the cancer cells, and cancer cell membrane fast break, into cancer cells inside the decomposition of crushing, making it impossible to copy. At the same time, he can greatly mobilize the phagocytosis of macrophage in human body, will be in cancer cells completely engulfed, so as to effectively prevent the spread of cancer and a large number of phagocytic cells in the lesions. 

(2) the crocodile blood and immunity 

Keywords: immune RNA, crocodile peptide protein, lymphatic factor 

Immunity is the body's own defense mechanisms, human body is used to identify and eliminate any foreign body foreign invasion (viruses and bacteria); deal with aging, injury, death and degeneration of cells and identification and treatment of mutant cells and virus-infected cells ability. Modern immunology, physiological response of human body immunity is the identification and elimination of "alien". The implementation of this function in the body's immune system. For millions of years, the human life and survival for a dangerous environment, human existence, it was remarkable immunity. So, immunity is a product of biological evolution. 

Immune RNA: Crocodile immune RNA extracted by biological technology, which can make the non sensitized lymphocytes into immunocompetent cells, enhanced the phagocytic ability of cell immune function and mononuclear macrophage. So it can protect the human respiratory tract, establishment of immunological barrier, recovery has been damaged by the respiratory tract, and thus improve the immune function the pulmonary function returned to normal. 

Crocodile peptide protein: can promote bone pluripotent stem cell differentiation into immunocompetent lymphocytes. 

Lymphatic factor: it releases bioactive substances lymph factors can induce different subsets of T cells to mature, so as to improve the immune status of the virus or bacteria, prevent all kinds of infringement.

(3) the crocodile blood and anti-aging

Keywords: optimization of nucleic acid, super oxygen

Aging is a natural law, we can't go against the law. However, if people with good living habits and health measures and proper exercise, can effectively retard aging, reduce the disease related to aging induced morbidity, improve the quality of life. Main questions in twenty-first Century hazards to human health and life: cancer, metabolic syndrome, aging degenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer's disease, cataract, glaucoma, Parkinson's disease), caused by high blood lipids disease (such as arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, kidney of hardening of the arteries, cerebral arteriosclerosis). Proof of modern medicine, 90% of adult diseases are associated with the aging of the body.

Optimization of nucleic acid - Royal Institute of science for long-term research on the crocodile, after tests showed, in the crocodile body there is a special optimized nucleic acid. This kind of material can make the nucleic acid is full of vitality, enhance the anti - disease resistant ability, at the same time contact activation of enzymes in the body, effectively remove free radicals in vivo waste.

Recognized by the world "in twentieth Century the greatest discovery", "life science milepost" -- the original power of life. The answer is not only reveals the origin of life, the eternal mystery, also reveals the human health and longevity of the eternal mystery. "Nucleic acid, human latest anti-aging nutrients. "This is our country famous nutritionist Yu Ruomu for nucleic acid products of the inscription.

Nucleic acid of the mystery lies in its structure, it belongs to the genetic material. Has now swept the world, known as the most promising beauty element.

Nucleic acid has the function of nutrition and protection of gene gene, gene is the key to life and health, protection of gene is the protection of life.

Super oxygen - as the alligator blood oxygen content is extremely rich, can promote the blood circulation of the human body in the best condition. So as to achieve the required by the human body absorption and storage of various nutrients, reach the balance of supply and demand, thus delaying the recession (see article life aging attached from red cell).

Three, "poor is widening" dragon and Tiger Park

Thailand is "La difference" dragon and Tiger Park is an education in a set of environmental protection, ecological protection, recreation of endangered wild animal protection, high-tech aquaculture and tourism and leisure as one of the tourist attractions, is a stronghold of Thailand export of live alligators and crocodiles series products are the largest.

Thailand is "La difference" dragon and Tiger Park Jianye purpose, i.e. breeding and training for the endangered wild animal as a research center, with the feeding and management technology and a perfect system of information. Currently has a crocodile about two hundred thousand, about more than 400 tigers, as the world largest tiger crocodile and artificial breeding base.

Dragon and Tiger Park is not only a high-tech breeding base, and is a comprehensive production enterprise, also is a health products research and development center. Dragon and Tiger park after 20 years of exploration and research, has explored some data on the crocodile tenacious vitality, profits from the domestic and foreign research data and research institutions, traditional Chinese medicine and China doctor and doctor of Chinese Medicine professor with the tissues of the body, using the crocodile biological function of production of health care products dozens of auxiliary therapy of various Difficult miscellaneous diseases and fitness Yi body conform to the hygiene standards of the.

Four see aging, from red cell shape

Aging is everyone must face, and the concerned problems. As everyone knows, the human body after they reach the age of 25 began to enter an aging stage, the function of the body and decrease with the increase of age. But what is the cause of aging? In order to solve this problem, many experts are explored from different angles. While the Shenyuan experts in these exploration a major breakthrough, to reveal the mysteries of human aging on. That is: human non programmed aging aging in the body the first source of variation of red blood cells.

In medicine, human aging is divided into procedural and non procedural aging aging. The program of aging is caused by genetic means causes aging. Genetic gene as a source of biological information, it is like the program controls a person's growth, development, maturity, including aging and death. The results show that: in the genetic program, the average life expectancy in the one hundred and twenty, thirty years old. But we see in real life situation is, most people only live for seven, eighty years old. Why between can have such a big gap? This involves another concept: non programmed senescence. Due to the environment, nutrition and disease, the aging speed of the human body is accelerated, shortening the gene program and advance to the aging process, which is non procedural object is aging, we focus on the.

Scientific studies show that human non programmed senescence and blood microcirculation decline has a direct relationship. Q - "records:" the five internal organs on the generation of "eye sufficient blood, foot by blood can step, palm by blood can grip, finger by blood and can shoot", that can only get the organ blood supply health function. Microcirculation is directly involved in the organization, cell mass and energy exchange and transmission of information of blood and lymph capillaries in the body and micro lymphatic fluid circulation. It covers the basic functions of life activities.

If the micro circulation is not smooth, like pieces of seedling field drainage plug, the seedlings will wither without water, the human body organs will be due to abnormal metabolism and the emergence of disease and aging etc.. For example when myocardial microcirculation, the human body can appear flustered, bosom frowsty, premature beat, cardiac arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death; when the brain microcirculation disorder, can appear neurasthenia, insomnia forgetful, headache, dizziness, and even paralysis, stroke and dementia; when the liver microcirculation obstruction, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, loss of appetite and so on; when the renal microcirculation disorder, there will be pain, hematuria, proteinuria, edema and other symptoms; when the skin microcirculation disorder occurs ecchymosis, senile plaque, numbness of limbs, physically formication, general malaise and other abnormal sensation; systemic microcirculation decline, also is the human body the beginning of aging. The people said, microcirculation general stroke, myocardial infarction less microcirculation microcirculation of good, smooth healthy long life.

A famous medical scientist said: "no matter you believe or not, whether you realize it wasn't aware of, each kind of disease you treatment are related to microcirculation, micro circulation ring directly affect the treatment of disease. Microcirculation is the source of all diseases. "

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