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[Thailand Bangkok Yingge] The Grand Palace Wat Haw Pha Kaew amphawa water market firefly Chinese Guide
  • [Thailand Bangkok Yingge] The Grand Palace Wat Haw Pha Kaew amphawa water market firefly Chinese Guide
  • [Thailand Bangkok Yingge] The Grand Palace Wat Haw Pha Kaew amphawa water market firefly Chinese Guide
  • [Thailand Bangkok Yingge] The Grand Palace Wat Haw Pha Kaew amphawa water market firefly Chinese Guide

[Thailand Bangkok Yingge] The Grand Palace Wat Haw Pha Kaew amphawa water market firefly Chinese Guide

Price:   $56.60


4 people can be reported that would definitely make the trip, Chinese tour guide, Friday, Saturday and Sunday open group, all-inclusive group, including international buffet lunch

4 people following registration 340 yuan / person

5 or more people sign up 310 yuan / person

Collection: Bangkok hotel lobby (Bangkok Downtown can all take, if necessary with the customer in advance in the suburbs description)

Book Information:
* Fight groups (6-10 people / group), the entire Chinese tour guide service

* Hotel pick, Khao San Road in Bangkok scattered, while the number of applicants for a minimum of 2 people. As a people need to arrive at the designated meeting place on their own time

* Registration Offered payment, do not accept any reason to unsubscribe and date, the number of changes.

* If you are 8 or more people, you can arrange an independent chartered Chinese tour guide

* Children under 1m baby, do not take the car seat free; 1-1.2m not occupying a seat at half price; 1.2m above seat on the adult price

The fee includes:
Hotel transfer

The first big ticket attractions

Boat watch fireflies Fares


Lunch, dinner, tour guide gratuities RMB40 yuan / person, personal shopping

Ticket provides:

At least one day in advance booking is recommended after stroke can arrange an appointment

International travel, order is confirmed, you can not cancel the change, not non-refundable! Please forgive me!

Would definitely make the trip without ask

[Grand Palace]

Grand Palace (The Grand Palace) near the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok is the center of a large-scale ancient buildings (total 28), with a total area of two hundred and eighteen thousand four hundred square meters. The Grand Palace is modeled on the ancient capital city of the old palace built by King through generation of continuous expansion, now finally completed the Grand Palais, this large-scale buildings. The Grand Palace is one of Thailand's many palaces, the most perfectly preserved ancient palace, the largest and most ethnic characteristics of the palace. Bangkok Dynasty from Rama I to Ananda Mahidol, are living in the Grand Palace. Rama VIII in 1946 after the assassination of the palace, Rama IX will be moved to the east of the Grand Palace sets new Lada Palace residence. Now, in addition to the Grand Palais for the coronation ceremony was held, the court ceremony and celebration and other activities, usually open to become Thailand's famous tourist sites.
Ticket Price: 500 Baht
Hours: 8: 30-15: 30

[Jade Buddha Temple]

Jade Buddha Temple is located in Bangkok, Thailand, in the northeast corner of the Grand Palace, the most famous Buddhist temple in Thailand, Thailand is one of the three treasures. Built in 1784 is part of the Jade Buddha Temple in Thailand Grand Palace, the Grand Palace area of about 1/4. Jade Buddha Temple is dedicated to the Jade Buddha Thai royal family and religious ceremonies places, because the temple dedicated to the Buddha named. There are Jade Buddha Temple, the first Dian, Fogu Hall, scripture library, bell tower and urn. Jade Buddha Jade Buddha Temple is the main building, the hall in the middle of the shrine dedicated to being regarded as a national treasure jade Buddha in Thailand. Emerald 66 cm high, 48 cm wide, is carved from a single piece of jasper. Whenever the season season, the King of Thailand the Emerald Buddha personally for dressing, in order to maintain peace and prosperity. Whenever the occasion of the change of the Thai Cabinet, all the ministers of the new government to be sworn in at the Jade Buddha Temple to the King. Farming Festival in May each year, the king also where religious ceremonies, prayers for good harvests. The temple is surrounded by about one kilometer promenade mural, painted above 178 Indian classical literature, "Ramayana" epic theme of exquisite color comics, along with Thai Translated. Temple of the Emerald Buddha few large ceramic wall painted with Chinese "Three Kingdoms" story. Large hall with carved beams, magnificent, four story mural Buddha Buddha, around outside the house a total of six bronze lion gatekeepers, mouth and chest, very vivid.


Chinese Folk is known for Brahma, "Brahma" in Buddhism made known book day, Brahma Ferris, net days. Was originally a Hindu, Brahmin, one of the three major gods Brahma, is the creation of the universe, God, Devanagari creators. In Southeast Asia, especially Thailand is considered to be almighty, grasp the splendor of God on earth; its sides facing each truck, for the faithful to pray. Due to the approximate shape of Chinese statues, mostly Chinese translation Erawan, but in fact is not the Buddha Buddha, surrounded by so precisely, should be translated as God.
Erawan Shrine, known as "responsive" Buddha, the Buddha has four Buddha faces, representing love, career, health and wealth, in charge of all the affairs of earth, is one of Thailand's most popular incense Buddha. For Buddhist people who do not worship Buddha to Bangkok, as Rumiao not worship, is an unthinkable thing. It is said that Buddha's efficacious extraordinary, so some visitors to promise oath before the Erawan Thai votive and multiple trips, there are many film stars Hong Kong and Taiwan, Thailand every year to worship Buddha, visible Erawan charm.

[Amphawa Floating Market dusk]

After dinner, the use of Thai seafood dishes at the restaurant next to the River, which is the beginning of the bazaar (Friday 26 most lively). Starting point scale businesses like lights, water ashore Mojiancazhong pedestrians. Hardware groceries, fruit flower gardens, agricultural products and so on; Mehe fire sale banner carried snack dessert Hainan chicken rice soup spicy Lili; this is the most traditional Thai night market at dusk the water off.

[Natural] wander Thai longtail boat Firefly Eco-Tour

We proceed by boat from the pier, the lights from the shore swarthy released in the river, the stars and the lights of the river was cut into pieces small waves passing silver Lin. Liu meandering walk around too dark to shore mangrove ecology concept to flash glittering fireflies; the joy of youth, childhood memories of the elderly, are staggered in this throbbing. Night in the natural scene, has allowed to be forgotten innocence, will re-appear ... (do not use flash photography)

We use the model for the van


1, according to the date of the traffic situation, viewing order or change.

2, registration due to personal factors to participate, without returning the pay cost.

3, please strictly observe time, beyond the set time for more than 10 minutes late, will be regarded as automatic waiver, pay membership fee will not be returned.

4, if you have more than 8 friends signed application, we can according to your requirements to separate your custom line, please inform us in advance.

6, reservation please in the postscript, told the date

The booking process []

1, before the baby photographed, please be sure to consult. Please provide the following information:

A) s guests name in pinyin

B) date

The number of C)

Please also leave your name and contact way reservation, so that we in the first time to inform you whether the reservation.

In 2, get can book positive reply, please as soon as possible to take the baby, and payment (the modified price). If you take after 3 days without payment, we will have the right to cancel your order.

3, the baby will be settled in rmb.

Contact: (you can contact us by the following in any way)

Want: mycool QQ:693727096 micro letter: littletrip2013

Change or cancel orders] [about

"Once the baby photographed will be deemed to agree and accept the following terms:

1, change.

Change of order after payment (date, number, etc.) please within 9 working days (excluding the day Saturday and Thailand holidays not included on the same day,) to inform us, we will provide you make changes, you do not need to pay any amendment fee. If less than 9 working days, because we have to collect is finished, and the other has cut off the shop changed the order deadline, you change order request will not be accepted, please forgive me.

2, cancel.

Payment need to cancel the order, please within 9 working days (excluding the day Saturday and Thailand holidays not included on the same day, notify us tour) are deducted from the total (the number s of the total amount of) 10% cancellation fee, balance we will withdraw within 3 working days to your Alipay account. If less than 9 working days, or on the day of the reasons for failing to non store rows (as a waiver), because we have to collect is finished, and the other has cut off the store to cancel the order deadline, you cancel order request will be regarded as breach of contract or a waiver, will not refund. Please forgive me!

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